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AI like ChatGPT has the potential to revolutionize the search industry and offer new opportunities in the emerging Web3 industry. That makes it a valuable investment for those looking to capitalize on the growth of these industries.

But does the growing popularity of AI-driven chatbots mean the death of traditional search engines? Read on the deep dive of our AI development team and find out how AI has already revolutionized the way people search and see predictions for the future to know how to use GPT-3 to benefit your existing business or hop on various AI opportunities.

Does ChatGPT has the power to kill traditional search engines?

ChatGPT is a revolutionary chatbot that works like an AI-powered search engine. It promises to revolutionize the traditional search engine experience, which makes many people believe that it is the death of a good old search engine. But is it really what is happening? Do ChatGPT-like technologies have such power?

With ChatGPT, users can easily find the information they’re looking for with the help of a friendly AI-powered chatbot.

Reasons why companies and people fear AI revolution

But why are people and companies so afraid of AI changes?

  1. SEO as we know won’t exist. The Web2 economy is founded on a basis of search, with its hierarchy of websites ranking from most to least visited. Everyone from brands to bloggers is in the competitive dance choreographed by Google’s search algorithm.
  2. No assurance of how marketing will work. Advertisers are confused, “page views,” “uniques” and “sessions”, Web2’s core business model, are not clear for a Web3 search engine. The question arises why users need to use traditional search where are all the brand’s ads are placed, instead of asking for ChatGPT-like service and getting more precise results.
  3. More layouts. So far, in the US around 146,000 tech workers and one of the conspiracy reasons is the integration of the AI neural network and
    AI tools. However, there is no steady opinion on that.

Though the reasons for fear are quite understandable, all of them have one base—fear of change. But our life is never constant, and the key is being adaptable and noticing the trend at its inception. Why is it important to explore ChatGPT opportunities?

  • It’s your chance for huge work optimization and automation
  • If you won’t your competitors will
  • You can cut expenses

And that’s just a few reasons, let’s explore all the GPT-3 Chatbot advantages compared to traditional search engines.

Advantages of ChatGPT over traditional search engines

Curious how GPT services are better than traditional search engines? Check out the comparison of our dedicated development specialists.

Criteria Onen AI GPT-3 Chatbot Traditional Search Engine
Ease Open ai text generator utilizes AI tech to provide on-demand answers based on a huge database. All the user need to do is to write a request like:

  • What is the most effective way to promote Plus Size Women clothing?


  • Write me a content plan for a car detailing Instagram page.

As you can see an AI chatbot solutions can work not just on keywords, but also provide good quality ready content at minimum effort.

Traditional SE is also quite easy to use, as people are used to keywords search. But the downsides of it are:

  • Some searches have no answers
  • Getting a lot of not-related content
  • You need to know the right keywords to use to find what you need.
Speed Usually takes up to 60 sec You get results in 5 sec, but users still need to search for the exact answers on various sites
Accuracy High, yet it depends on what sources the chat considers to be truthful. There is a whole debate on that right now. Medium, as users can get 100% accuracy and 0% depending on the keyword used.
Sources Unknown Most sites use links for info sources or are the source of the info.
Rights The person who makes the entry, but there is a legal debate on that too. Creator of the content or the company publishing it.


Can artificial intelligence tools replace search engines at the moment?

No. Though it’s very promising, at the current stage ChatGPT cannot serve as an alternative to Google Search, for example.

The role of Web3 in the future of search engines

Web3 technologies are shifting the way search engines are controlled. As previously everything was in the hands of basically a “bunch of guys” from Silicon Alley. But things are already shifting and the popularization of Web3 tech is causing that.


  • Web3 search can provide results from multiple databases
  • It arranges results in the most efficient way

These technologies, first and foremost, propose an alternative to Web2. And even Meta, understanding the change is investing a lot in virtual reality, which is a huge step toward the adoption of Metaverse and Blockchain services.

Technology Trends: How ChatGPT is transforming various industries

GPT 3 text generator online uses artificial intelligence technology solutions, natural language processing, and machine learning that have enough power to transform almost all industries. Let’s see real cases of business ChatGPT transformations!

  • Customer Support: Using ChatGPT, businesses of any industry can provide faster customer support.
  • Automated Recommendations: The technology can provide automated product recommendations used in apps and sites.
  • Virtual Assistants: ChatGPT can serve as or be used in the development of virtual assistants for businesses in different niches.
  • SEO content creation: It can provide concise summaries, text classification, and text generation based on given templates.
  • Social media content creation: From effective marketing plans to blog posts and tweets.

And the opportunities don’t stop there, as there are so many other use cases of ChatGPT and AI-based technologies.

The future of search engines with ChatGPT and Web3

With the boom of ChatGPT and Web3 search engines, businesses need to get ready for technological advancements, innovation, and learning ways of better data management. The key here is not just keeping an eye on these technologies but also exploring the ways how your existing business can incorporate the new tech to get the most out of it.
We here at OmiSoft, as well as many specialists in the field believe that now is the ideal time to learn about Web3 technologies like Blockchain, Metaverse, and NFTs, and benefit from them.

Future businesses will all adopt Web3 techs, and they will soon become commonplace. It’s time to master these cutting-edge technologies and create products that are already in big demand.

Conclusion: The significance of ChatGPT in revolutionizing search engines

If you are doubting whether ChatGPT-like tech is here for the long run—don’t! Web3 technologies are already penetrating the market. Better consider investing in the incorporation of Web3 tech into your business or use it as a business opportunity to capitalize on the growth of these industries.

With GPT and AI, businesses can take advantage of these technologies to make less effort, spend fewer resources and get higher revenue. And these perks are only the tip of the iceberg!

Want to incorporate Web3 technologies into your project or business in general? Drop us a line, and our AI development specialist will book a free call to discuss your ideas and potential business ventures.

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